Tools, in general, aren’t cheap.  And power tools are even more expensive.   I don’t care what brand you go with, they are all going to cost you.

So wouldn’t it be nice to have a system to keep track of all your expensive tools?  

Well thanks to Milwaukee ONE-KEY, there is.  

But what is ONE-KEY?  What can you do with it?  And How will it benefit me?  Continue reading to find the answer to these questions and more.  


In a hurry… Check out the Table of Contents to find your answer. 




Milwaukee ONE-KEY Explained

First released in 2015, Milwaukee Tools introduces the first digital platform for their tool and equipment line-up.  ONE-KEY is a free app that is compatible with most android and iOS devices, allowing you to manage your tools on the go.   You can also log in on the Milwaukee Website for access on a computer if you are back at the office.  

With 35 compatible tools, you will be able to control your tools, manage your inventory, track tool locations and be in full control of your equipment at all times.  

Tool Control

Imagine being able to customize your battery impact to the torque and speed you desire.  Well with Milwaukee ONE-KEY you can.  

Simply by wirelessly connecting your tool to the Milwaukee App, you can adjust the speed and power to match the job requirements.  

You can also create and save profiles on the app for quick changes between different jobs.  

Inventory Management

Part of the Milwaukee ONE-KEY app is the ability to keep a detailed inventory of all your tools.  Even if you have other brands of tools, you can still keep track of maintenance records, tool locations, set service reminders and purchase information

As part of the inventory management feature, you will be able to share tool information between the office and the job site.  Allowing you to always know what tools every crew has on their job site.  

You will also be able to mark each tool’s status.  This will allow your crews to know if a tool is damaged, in use, missing, or available for use.  

Tool Tracking

With Power Tools being a valuable asset on any job site, knowing where your tools are at all times is a must.  And with the Milwaukee ONE-KEY app, you will.  

Capable of detecting ONE-KEY tools within 100ft of your device, the ONE-KEY app will automatically keep records of the last known location of that tool.   And if your tool is lost, you will be able to set up alerts when that tool is found.  

With the use of the Milwaukee TICK, tool tracking is no longer limited to ONE-KEY compatible tools.  Attach a TICK to any tool or personal item and be able to see the last known location, just like the ONE-KEY tools.  

How it Works 

Now that we have gone over the key features of the Milwaukee ONE-KEY app, let’s go through the process of setting up a new device.

To start, you will need to download the app on your device and create an account.  

Once you have that done, and have logged in for the first time, you will see the inventory page.  This is where you will see all of the tools you have added into the ONE-KEY app. In the upper right corner there is a + sign.  Click that to add a new tool to your inventory.  

If you are adding a ONE-KEY compatible tool or TICK device, the app will start searching for any nearby devices.  Make sure your tool is in Bluetooth mode or else it won’t be recognized.  

Once your tool is connected you will be brought to the home screen for that particle tool.  Here is where you can customize each mode for your tools. Each tool will have different options to adjust to.  The app will automatically update your changes, so there is no need to save.  

From the home screen, you will also have to option to lock the tool, in the event it is stolen or lost.  Under Tool Information, you will be able to assign the tool to a job or person, track the tool, store receipts and record service information.  


Who is this for?

Milwaukee ONE-KEY is a great system for businesses that manage several crews on different sites.  Being able to keep better tabs on your tool inventory not only allows you to assign tools to certain crews or jobs but also know what tools need maintenance, are lost or damaged, or available for use.  

But ONE-KEY isn’t only for businesses.  The individual can also find a use in the ONE-KEY app.  As an Autobody Technician, being able to set-up a cordless impact for different levels of torque settings has its benefits.  I can go from installing body panels to seat belts and be able to adjust the torque to the correct level. 

Now, of course, this isn’t going to be ideal for everyone.  ONE-KEY compatible tools are more expensive than their non-compatible counterparts.  And not everyone is going to see the benefits of the app worth the extra money. But for those that do, you will be able to customize, track, and manage your power tools, better than you ever could before.  


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