Foggy Headlights, Paint Blemishes, Scratches? If you are looking for an automotive polisher to fix these issues, check out our Top Automotive Polisher Reviews.

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Scratches, Faded Paint, Foggy Headlights?  These are all issues that any automobile owner faces.  The thing is, it is all fixable with a good Automotive Polisher.  Whether you are an auto enthusiast, professional detailer, or automotive technician, a reliable polisher is a must.

That is why we have compiled this list of the Best Automotive Polishers.  We have read reviews, used personal experience, and decided what polishers are Best for Tradesmen and DIYers alike.


The Best Overall Automotive Polisher – Dewalt DWP849X (Affiliate Link)

The Dewalt DWP849X is our pick for the Best Overall Automotive Polisher.  Available with 7 or 9-inch backing pads and having a powerful 12-amp motor, you will get the best of power and performance.

With a variable speed trigger and soft-start capability, The DWP849X will operate from 0-3,500 RPMs, allowing you to maintain control and power through the toughest of jobs.

Even with the powerful motor, Dewalt didn’t compromise on user comfort.  The DWP849X weighs in at only 6.7 pounds and comes with a 3-position bale handle in addition to the traditional side handle.  With the two handle options, there is a gripping option for every scenario. And with the rubber molded rear handle, comfort and performance push this buffer ahead of the competition.

The backing pad the Dewalt DWP849X is equipped with is a hook and loop style.  The means you can change from different buffing pads easily and even use the tool with grinding discs or sandpaper if the need arises.

Users of the Dewalt DWP849X will agree that it is a quality polisher.  Even for a novice, it is extremely easy to use. With the variable speed dial and soft start feature, the Dewalt DWP849X allows users to buff an entire vehicle, without power loss in extreme conditions.


  • Lightweight – 6.7 pounds
  • Bale Handle & Side Handle
  • 3 year warranty


  • Easy to burn paint, if not careful.


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The Best Value – TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit (Affiliate Link)

Up next we have the Torq Torq X Random Orbital Polisher.

The Torq X has many qualities that a professional detailer would look for in a polisher, but it is perfect for the automotive enthusiast.  A powerful 700 Watt motor will allow you to detail several cars without missing a beat.

Easily switch between 3, 5, and 6-inch backing plates for improved versatility,  No need for extensive modifications to switch. Just use the included wrench to remove and swap backing plates for whatever size job you are tackling.

The Torq X polisher was designed with user comfort in mind. An extended front handle grip and tailored body length maximize leverage and efficiency while minimizing downward pressure needed for maximum results.  A speed control dial is located in line with the user’s thumb. Allowing the user to easily adjust the RPMs of the polisher on the fly, keeping the focus on the job.

Equipped with Precision Power P²  technology allows for smooth startups.  This electronic control system gradually increases power as speed increase.  Because of this feature, the likelihood of slinging product over the entire vehicle.  So less cleanup will be required after the detailing is done.

Users of the Torq X Polisher will agree that it is a sturdy and well-balanced machine.  It is also noted that it is an excellent machine for the first time detailer.

If you are looking for an excellent polisher to tackle a DIY detailing project, or are just looking for a quality, economic machine, Don’t hesitate to check out the Torq Torq X Random Orbital Polisher.


  • 3, 5, and 6 inch compatible backing plates
  • Easily accessible speed dial


  • motor exhaust blows hot air on user



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The Best Cordless – Milwaukee 2738-20 M18 Polisher (Affiliate Link)

For a quality cordless polisher, look no further than the Milwaukee 2738-20 M18 Polisher.

Part of the Milwaukee Fuel Lineup, this cordless polisher offers corded power with the convenience of portability.

Paired with the Milwaukee 5.0 amp batteries, the Milwaukee 2738-20 Polisher has enough juice to detail an entire full-size car on a single charge.  Step up to the 9.0 or even the 12.0 amp battery and complete even more jobs without having to worry about a power cord.

Included with the Milwaukee Polisher is a 7” hook and loop backing pad.  Perfect for completing larger jobs. An RPM dial allows you to operate from 0 – 2,200 RPMs and a variable speed trigger lets you ease into the operating speed, reducing the chance of flinging rubbing compound.  Which, in the end, results in a less final clean-up.

As part of the Milwaukee Power Tool line-up, you can expect the standard 5-year tool warranty.

Users of the Milwaukee 2738-20 Polisher will agree that this is an excellent polisher.  And the convenience of not having to pull out the extension cord for every job makes this a  must-have for professional detailers and enthusiasts alike.


  • Cordless 18 Volt Polisher
  • 5 year warranty
  • Variable speed dial


  • No complaints on the polisher, just notes about battery life lacking


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The Best Micro-Polisher – AC Delco G12 compact series (ARS1212) (Affiliate Link)

Perfect for buffing headlights or spot repairs, the Ac Delco G12 series micro polisher is designed for professional use.  A Compact and ergonomic design with a powerful variable speed motor makes this polisher stand out above the rest!

The 12v motor is Capable of 2,800 RPMs.  And with the built-in brake switch, you can stop the polisher from spinning as soon as you let off the trigger.  A LED battery gauge will keep you informed how much battery life you have left. And with the universal G12 series batteries you won’t have to wait long to charge the battery,  about 30 minutes for a full charge.

The AC Delco ARS1212 has an anti-slip grip along with an ambidextrous side handle for ultimate control.   Users really seem to like this micro polisher. Stating that even though it weighs less than 2 lbs, it still feels like a solid tool in your hand.

So if you are looking for a professional-grade polisher but need a compact size, look no further than the AC Delco G12 Compact Polisher (ARS1212)!



  • Great for spot repairs
  • Great battery life


  • Lacks power compared to corded or pneumatic competition

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