Having tried every impact wrench on the market, here is a review about what we can confidently say about the Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench as of 2019.

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Imagine you are on the side of the road with a flat tire. Then only to look through your car and find no lug nut wrench. Pretty horrible feeling right? Seized lug nuts are the only way it could get any worse! There is no way that you will be able to get them off now!

That is until you realize you brought a Milwaukee cordless Impact Wrench. With it’s lightweight and high torque output enable you to zing the lug nuts off in mere seconds! That means you’re back on the road quicker! Your day is looking better already!

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07/18/2024 10:07 am GMT

Since I did not have a cordless Impact Wrench I was stuck on the side of the road. The reason I wrote this review is to get my take on the Impact Wrench. Then to see if its right for you…or if you are better using your money elsewhere.

I will show you what’s included in the box. Then some details about the Impact Wrench and how it compares to other impacts in its category. For some general information, check out the User Manual.

If you have any big questions that are not being answered, check the table of contents below. You might see it covered there. Otherwise, keep reading and we will start with what makes this the best selling cordless Impact Wrench in the industry!


We Need More Power, Captain! Or Do We?

One thing that sets most cordless impact wrenches apart from their corded counterparts is nut busting power and tightening torque. With over 1000ftlbs of tightening torque on hand no job is too big or small for this impact! If loosening power is more your style then 1400ftlbs should loosen any rusted or seized bolt that you should encounter.

Don’t be worried about having too much power for your job. Use the handy 4 mode drive control to limit your power in four different ways. There are three different power levels with the last setting being a full power loosen. It also has an added bolt removal mode that slows the impact down to 750rpm. This way the fastener doesn’t fly off and damage or hurt someone or something.

A brushless motor design means there is less battery power being used to turn the motor. So there is more power being put into your fastener. Brushless motors don’t have brushes so there is no change of the brushes burning out due to overload or overuse. This means more time getting your job done and less downtime from broken tools.

What’s In The Box – A Full Inventory of Everything That is Included

Inside the case is really what matters! It’s a good thing that this package comes with not one but two 5 amp hour batteries. They are powerful enough for even the most stubborn fastener. Equipped with Redlink Plus intelligent technology they will never overheat from temperature or over amperage.

Batteries: The Life and Power

Speaking of the batteries they have a battery life indicator. It is easily accessible by pushing a button and seeing how much of a charge your battery has. Seeing your battery life is a very handy feature. Imagine if you just got on the roof of a building to tighten some bolts. Or crawled under your vehicle to loosen a bolt only to find that the battery is dead! Now you will know before you go anywhere how much of a charge your battery has. The batteries are used in more than just impact wrenches. They can be used in any M18 tool which means its time to expand your toolbox!

The hard plastic case that everything conveniently fit in is very durable. It has a sturdy handle that is perfect for grabbing onto without slipping out of your hand. If you ever needed to take the impact and batteries with you. It is as easy as putting them in their designated spots and going on your way.

The Dual Voltage Quick Charger

The charger is a dual voltage style that will charge the M18 and the M12 batteries. Which helps when you have more than one style and size of battery tool. With a built-in charge controller and status light, you will know how long until it’s fully charged.

The handle is made with strong plastic and a rubber grip. That comes in handy when the job is in the rain or has some mud involved. Gloves do not get in the way with the sturdy grip and bright LED light. It won’t matter if its nighttime or daytime with the super bright led light. It comes on whenever you pull the trigger to light up your work area.

Prominent Features and Settings

At 8.4 inches in length, it will fit in the tightest of places where its competitors will not fit. Its narrow enough that it doesn’t need much side to side room to comfortably maneuver around where ever you will need it. At a light weight of 7.5 pounds, it is an impact that can be used all day and still not fatigue its user.

The lightweight comes in handy when it is needed off the beaten path where corded power tools cannot go. The versatility of the Milwaukee impact will improve your life in more ways that you can measure. The jobs that were too far away or too high up are no longer an issue!

How it Compares to its Competitors

I’m sure I know what you are thinking. What makes the Milwaukee cordless Impact Wrench better than the Dewalt, Snap On, Ridgid, Makita, Ingersoll Rand, Craftsman, and Ryobi branded impacts? Well besides the class-leading nut-busting torque and the multitude of studies calling it the strongest, most powerful cordless Impact Wrench on the market it is actually what people that use it every day think about it. We will get to that a few sections later, but you can go to the table of contents and read about it right now.

Many others claim they have class-leading numbers but none of them can touch the 1400ftlbs of breakaways torque that the Milwaukee M18 offers. The ergonomics and construction of the handle are so superior that people are trading in the other brands just to get the comfort of a Milwaukee impact. The Impact has twice the fastener removal speed of the other brands.


One thing everyone wants to know when they buy a new product is how is the warranty. Well, the Milwaukee cordless Impact Wrench has the best warranty in the industry at 5 years for the tool and 3 years for the battery. Most competitors have a 30 or 90-day warranty. Some have as much as a year but that is rare. Warranty claims are trouble free with excellent customer service who have no issues helping you through a warranty claim.


Who Needs This Impact and Why

From the homeowner who wants to do some work around the house to the contractor that needs a proven tool to depend on, this Milwaukee Impact Wrench is perfect for them. Auto mechanics no longer have to drag an airline around the shop for the snap on pneumatic Impact Wrench that they always use. This is the best cordless Impact Wrench for the automotive mechanic due to its lightweight, small size and insane power output.

This Thing Is a Beast!

Imagine never having to get the air hose out to change a tire or bring the air hose outside to get the stubborn fastener out of that piece of equipment.

Farmers, Drag Racers and Everyone In Between

Farmers would find this especially useful because when they are in the field there is no air compressor or airlines to work with. Let alone run those cumbersome air hoses up a combine or tractor to loosen a bolt. Bring this impact with you anywhere you go. The storage case that’s included this cordless Impact Wrench can go anywhere you go.

People who camp or who have a recreational vehicle would consider this a life-saving tool. Think about the next time you go camping and its 105 degrees out and you have a flat tire. You will have to get the t handle lug nut wrench out and the jack and hope those pesky lug nuts come off. Instead, you just jack the camper up and buzz those nuts off in a few seconds and you will be back on the road in no time. You Saved the weekend!

If you are more of a drag racer that drives your car to the track every weekend and has to change tires the hard way then this is perfect for you. All you need is a jack and this impact with one socket and in less than ten minutes you are ripping down the track!

Value, Why its a Huge Deal

Many people will say that they can get another brand cheaper or this one is overpriced. What they are not seeing is the value of your time. The better quality of a battery Impact Wrench that you buy the more work you can get done. By being able to get a lot of work done quickly it allows you to get home to your family, get to the campsite, down the drag strip or any other multitude of activities even quicker than you would have before. Saving time is so valuable because it is something we can never get back. Is it really worth saving a few dollars and wasting hours away? Let’s see how it helps others improve their day!

What Others Think of the Impact Wrench


The Milwaukee Impact Wrench is very well reviewed and customers really like the power and light weight of it.

Users noted how nice it is to not have to struggle with rusty and seized bolts.  The 18-volt power of the Milwaukee impact performs better than other brands with 20 or even 30-volt impacts!

Statistically speaking you are guaranteed to love this tool and have it far exceed what you would expect out of such a compact yet powerful Impact Wrench. it won’t matter if you use it once for a flat tire or every day at a shop, its perfect for jobs at every size.

If your the type of person that wants the best quality with an even better value, then the Milwaukee 2767-22 Cordless Impact is right for you! (Affiliate Link)

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