Milwaukee released the 3/8 Mid Torque Impact Wrench to blow the competition out of the water. Read our Review to see if it is right for you!

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Since Milwaukee Tools first start production in 1924, they have released new and innovative tools to help increase productivity amongst several industries.  Their Mid Torque ⅜ impact wrench is no exception.  

Impact Wrenches are most common in the automotive industry.  In the past, Impact wrenches were thought to be only necessary when removing fasteners with high torque specifications or that were rusty and seized and couldn’t be removed by hand.  However, with the increased versatility that Milwaukee has offered, they are starting to be found useful in other scenarios.  

The Milwaukee Mid Torque ⅜ Impact Wrench ( affiliate link) adds to that by outperforming all other ⅜ impacts in its class and is opening up Milwaukee tools to other industries.

3/8 Mid Torque Specs

  • 450 ft-lbs Fastening Torque
  • 600 ft-lbs Nut Busting Torque
  • Drive Control – 3 Modes
  • RPM: 0-575 / 2,000 / 2,300
  • IPM: 0-450 / 2,900 / 3,200
  • Length: 6.7”
  • Weigth: 5.3lbs (w/ XC 5.0 Battery)

For more information, check out the Owner’s Manual.  


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No Lack of Power

What sets this impact wrench above the rest in the insane amount of torque you get compared to other ⅜ impacts on the market. With a torque specification of 450 ft-lbs fastening torque and 600 ft-lbs of loosening, you can put away your air hose and rely upon this mid torque impact to get the job done.   

With the 3 mode drive control, you will be able to match the power and speed to the task at hand.  In other words, no more snapping off bolts unintentionally. With this capability, the Mid Torque ⅜ impact will be able to be used in more applications, where precision and control are essential. 

In Typical Milwaukee Fashion

The Mid Torque ⅜ Impact is part of the Milwaukee Fuel line-up.  This means, like all Fuel products, this impact comes standard with a PowerState Brushless motor and RedLink Plus Intelligence.  Both of these features equate to longer run time and increased productivity, with the added comfort that you won’t overheat or overload the tool and battery.  

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Comfort and Control

Featuring an over-mold made of premium rubber on the handle, you will find this impact comfortable to use.  This handle is also resistant to corrosive materials, so there is no need to worry about ruining anything from having greasy hands when using it. 

A built-in LED light is placed above the trigger, to light up any fastener to need to remove.  

The Milwaukee MID Torque ⅜  Impact weighs in at 5.3 lbs with a 5.0 amp hour battery.  While this is still lightweight compared to many other high torque impacts, it can feel a bit clumsy if you aren’t used to the weight.  I personally liked the power increase this impact had over my compact Milwaukee ⅜ impact.  But as an autobody technician, it was almost too bulky when working with freshly painted panels.  But other than that, I loved it when working on other parts of the car.  

Sizing it up to the Competition

Typically, when you think of high torque, you think of a larger impact wrench.  Well, that’s not the case with the Milwaukee Mid Torque ⅜.  

With a barrel length of 6.7”, you will be able to put the Milwaukee in places that most high torque impacts can’t fit.  And unlike most compact impacts, you will have almost twice the specified torque.   

Unlike competitor models, Milwaukee upped their anvil game, making a stronger, more durable anvil, that will last 50% longer than other models. 


In My opinion, Milwaukee offers one of the best warranties on the market.  All of their Power Tools are subject to a 5-year on the tool, 3-year on the battery warranty.  

Warranty Claims are hassle-free as well.  Through their website, a simple form needs to be filled out and printed, describing the issue with the tool, along with a free shipping label.  Then it’s as easy as mailing the tool in for repairs.  

Milwaukee does have several authorized repair facilities located throughout the United States as well.  So, if you have the convenience of taking it to one, they can handle the warranty claim and perform repairs in house, often leading to shorter downtimes.  

What’s in the Box

Milwaukee offers many of its tools to be purchased as kits or bare tools.  With a bare tool purchase, you get just that, a bare tool.  No this doesn’t mean you get a stripped-down version of that tool, you simply are just purchasing the tool.

If you have never bought a Milwaukee tool before, then you are going to want to purchase a kit. In a kit, you will get the tool you are purchasing, a charger, two batteries, and a case.  

In the ⅜ Mid Torque kit, you will get the dual voltage quick charger, your choice of 2.0 or 5.0 amp batteries, and the carrying case.  

The Good and the Bad.  What are the users saying?

People that are using the Milwaukee ⅜ Impact Wrench are being blown out of the water by how impressive this impact truly is.  

One Automotive Technician that was a die-hard Ingersoll Rand user, has pledged to switch all of his tools to Milwaukee Brushless tools, just because he was so impressed with the performance of this impact.  After using it to work of several cars and break loose everything from lug nuts, axle nuts, to crank pulley bolts, and never needed to grab an air impact, he was sold.  

Another Technician stated that you will rarely need to use the highest settings for day to day use.  They also mentioned that when tightening low rated bolts to be careful, as the high torque of this impact can easily snap them off.  

What’s the Bad?

There were two common complaints with the ⅜ Mid Torque Impact Wrench.  

The first, and I will attest that it was a complaint of mine as well, was the weight with the 5.0 amp battery.  It’s not obnoxiously heavy, and probably won’t deter you from purchasing the impact, but it was enough that several users felt the need to mention it. 

The other complaint was about the quality of the friction ring.  I personally, have never had an issue with the sockets staying on.  And quite frankly replacements are cheap if you ever have an issue.     

Quite frankly, you are going to love this impact wrench.  It’s got all the power you could ever dream of needing in a ⅜ impact wrench yet it’s compact in size and will fit it in tighter areas that most ½ impacts won’t.  And without the hassle of dragging around an air hose, you will be able to take this impact to any job site and have all do the work you need to.  


What are the part numbers for this impact wrench?

Milwaukee offers the ⅜ Mid Torque impact in three different options.

2852-20 is the bare tool only. 

2852-22 is a kit containing the tool, charger, case, and (2) 5.0 Amp batteries.

2852-22CT is a kit containing the tool, charger, case, and (2) 2.0 Amp batteries.

Are the Batteries interchangeable?

All Milwaukee batteries are interchangeable between tools of the same voltage.  All M18 tools can use the same batteries regardless of amperage. Same with the M12 batteries.  However, some tools may require higher amperage batteries to run efficiently. 

What is the socket retainer on this impact wrench?

The Socket retainer on the ⅜ Mid Torque Impact is a friction ring.  

What is the Torque Specs on this impact wrench? 

The ⅜ Mid Torque Impact features an impressive 450 ft-lbs fastening torque and a nut-busting 600 ft-lb of loosening torque.  

What is the Warranty?

5-year on the tool. 3-year on the batteries.  

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