With a high performance motor and oil-less pump, the Husky 20 gallon compressor (C201H) is a great addition to any garage for various applications.

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Hands down, one of the most useful pieces of equipment a hobbyist, contractor, or just home owners in general should have is an air compressor.  Having a high capacity compressor at your disposal is excellent for a variety of reasons and applications.

Now maybe your thinking, “I do need a lot of air, but I also need to be able to move it around.”  Well if that is the case, maybe the Husky 20 gallon 175 PSI Portable Air Compressor (C201H) (Affiliate Link) should be on your radar.  

In this review we are going to cover all the specs of this compressor, what comes in the box,  applications it will work for and what other consumers have to say about it.



If you have a certain question in mind, check out the table of contents you see below.  Otherwise, Let’s start at the top!


What to Expect; Specs

The Husky 20 gallon compressor features an oil-less pump and high performance motor.  The 1.3 horsepower motor is capable filling the tank to 125 psi in just over 5 minutes, while producing 4.0 SCFM at 90 PSI.  This compressor maxes out at 175 psi in the tank, which equates to longer run times on air tools and increased project efficiency.

Standing at just 41.88″ in height and weighing 73lbs, you will easily be able to maneuver this compressor within your garage, or job site to job site with the provided 7″ wheels.  Because of it’s vertical design, the air compressor has a very small footprint, 17.35″ deep and 17.78″ wide.  So it won’t take up too much of that precious floor space, that we all seem to lack.

This air compressor requires only 15 amps and 120 volts to work.  Which means that you don’t have to have any extra electrical work done to run this in your garage.  Any 120 volt outlet will work.

The noise level on this particular model is 83 dBA.  This puts the noise level somewhere between a vacuum cleaner and a garbage disposal.  Which is considerably quieter than most air compressors.

The Big Reveal; Unboxing Your New Compressor

So your probably wondering, “If I order this compressor, am I going to have a lot of assembly when it arrives?” The answer; No.  The motor and pump are both assembled and fully enclosed with a shroud to protect all the vital components.  You will be responsible for installing the wheels to make it portable.

The compressor includes a regulator and female quick connect.  However, you will need to purchase an air hose, as that is not included.

Many people have asked about the maintenance required for this compressor.  Because it is a oil-free lubrication design, there is virtually zero maintenance that needs to be done.  However, you will need to drain the condensation from the tank periodically.  This air compressor also comes with a two year manufacturer warranty.

For more information regarding setup and maintenance, please visit the owner’s manual.

What Can I Do with this

With a compressor of this size, there are tons of applications it could be used for.  Everything from common inflation needs (such as tires, sports balls, and inflatable toys) to light automotive tasks.

Because of the oil-free design, an oil separator is not needed in the air system.  Making this compressor perfect for hobby and household painting.  But that’s not all this compressor is capable of.  Many purchasers have stated to using this compressor for framing and roofing jobs, finish nailing and stapling, and even using air tools for cutting and drilling purposes.

Watch this video to see the compressor in action.

What People are saying

Overall people who purchase the Husky 20 gallon 175 PSI Portable Air Compressor are happy with their purchase.  One customer reported that the compressor worked well for light to moderate use and would definitely purchase again.  Another stated that it could handle any air tool they wanted and could even handle running multiple tools together.  

Among all the good reviews there will always be some bad.  After reading through several reviews, the most common problem that people claimed having was a broken or leaking air regulator.  But it was also covered under warranty when they chose to report it.

Another issue that people warn about is the air inlet tube getting extremely hot.  It’s more just something to be cautious about so that you don’t get burned, but in some instances, it did cause the tube to leak over time.

Let’s recap!

If you are in need of a quality air compressor that can handle light to moderate use…need to have portable air…all while having a semi-quiet work environment, there isn’t a better option for your hard earned money.

You will have the capability to complete projects of all types, all while having the convenience of portable and virtually maintenance free air.

However, even though this is a quality compressor, it might not suit everyone’s needs.  For instance, if 4 scfm at 90 psi is not enough air to run your HVLP paint gun, or you have a crew of 10 roofers that all need to run a braid nailer at the same time, then this might not be the best option for you.

Overall, if you are looking for a quality, well rounded and multifunctional compressor, then look no further than the Husky 20 gallon 175 PSI Portable Air Compressor  (Affiliate link)

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