You need the best jeep lift kits to make your truck stand out. Not all jeeps are equal. Yours may be stuck in the mud, but your peers enjoy riding in all terrains. The difference between your jeep and the one they are using is the lift kits they have installed.

Lift kits help in raising the chassis of your jeep. They include features such as strong suspension and coil springs, which are bigger. They offer more clearance, which is necessary to ensure you enjoy riding in all terrains. You can hire experts to carry out the installation services or do it yourself.


How to install lift kits in your Jeep

Decide on how much you would like to lift the jeep – The lift kits available out there come in different sizes, you need to go for a lift kit which will offer more clearance. If you want to make your jeep perform better in the mud or sand, then you need to plan on the lift accordingly.

You can take measurements of how much you would like to lift your jeep.  It is necessary to take measurements because they will guide you in getting the lift kit. The types of lift kit you will install will be determined by your budget. If you are on a shoestring budget, you can get a simple lift kit such as a spacer. It will not lift the car too much, but it will be an improvement.

Order lift kits online

You need to buy the best jeep lift kits, which will raise the vehicle as per your preferences. Most manufacturers will offer a clear description of what the lift kits will do for your car. If you need to lift the car to a given extent, then it will be necessary to check on the lift a given lift kit can offer.

Most jeep lift kits are compatible across the models. You may have to be specific when ordering so that you can get the exact size.

Decide on the type of lift kits

There is a wide range of lift kits you can apply for your jeep. You can go for simple lift kits such as spacers. The spacers will cost less when compared to other complicated lift kits such a track bars, shocks, springs, control arms, steering components, and extended brake lines if you intend to do a complete overhaul of your jeep lift system. Work within your budget, and you will get the right lift kit.


Start the installation process

In most cases, the jeep lift kits will come with an instruction manual to allow you to get started. In most cases, you will have to start by supporting the car on a sturdy jack stand.

Ensure the vehicle is well secured on the jacks. You can add support to ensure the vehicle will remain suspended for the exercise to run smoothly.

Remove tires and wheels

You will have to remove the tires from your car before you can access the parts where the lift kits will be installed. Always ensure the vehicle is well supported on the jacks as you work on the lift system. It can lead to an accident if the car is not well supported.

Remove front shock absorbers and coil springs

If you decide to replace the shock absorbers and have the big ones, then you will have to remove the coil springs as well as the shock absorbers in your lift installation process.

Some lift kits will require you to replace the track bars, brake lines, control arms, and the pitman arm. Ensure you follow all the details provided on the instruction manual to get the job correctly done.


Work on the rear shock and coil springs

If you decide to go the cheaper way of installing spacers, then you will remove the coil springs and the shock absorbers, after which you will install a spacer. For the case where you decide to go full swing, you will have to replace the whole suspension system and replace it with a bigger one. The process you follow to replace the front suspension should be followed to install the rear suspension.


Tighten the parts and test

Now that you have installed the new lift kit on your jeep, you need to test the car and ensure it is working well. You will have to move the steering wheel from full left to right to know whether it clearing the wheel tubs, and not rubbing. The steering should run smoothly. If there is any obstruction, you may have to check the cause. In most cases, the lift kit will work well in lifting your car.

There are several types of lift kits available on the market.  Their installation will tend to differ a bit. You can check on the compatibility of the lift kits before you can order.  It will be easy for you to install kits that have been designed to work for your given type of jeep or truck.


Install the tires and wheels

After you have worked on the rear and front suspension, you will have to reinstall the wheels and tires. You can as well install bigger tires if the suspension has lifted the car a bit. It is a process you will accomplish after a few minutes. Ensure the entire vehicle is well jacked to avoid possible accidents. Remember you had removed the tires and the wheels. Ensure you reinstall them and ensure they are working well.


Visit your nearest tire alignment shop

After you have replaced the suspension system and installed a bigger system, you will have to ensure the tires are aligned. Go straight to your nearest auto shop where you will get the wheels aligned. Your car will stay stable and perform better. There is a great feeling after you have installed the lift kits to your car, and it performs better than others. Obstacles that you were unable to tackle, you can easily tackle them after you have the best lift kit for your Jeep.

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  1. You made a great point when you explained that you need to test the vehicle after having a lift kit installed. My friend likes to go offroading a lot, and he is thinking of getting a lift kit so that he can go on some tougher trails. I think it would be a good idea for him to find an expert to put it on for him so that no errors are made.


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