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The Dremel 4000 is a stepped-up version of the groundbreaking rotary power tool. This one delivers extra power from the slightly smaller versions – models like the Dremel 3000. But it’s still an easily affordable option and that’s one of the big reasons why this versatile tool has become extremely popular in the market. 

What The Dremel 4000 Offers


With this model, you’re getting a quality tool that offers a multitude of functionality. This one compact power tool does it all including cutting, engraving, polishing, detail sanding, wood carving, polishing, cleaning – and more. And it does it all – more powerfully – thanks to the onboard 1.6 amp motor.

This high-performance motor delivers consistent power that’s easy to control. It’s quite impressive what one can accomplish with the Dremel 4000. It can engrave or carve woods, soft metals woods and even plastics. This means you can use it as a high-speed cutter to slot, groove, hollow or shape these materials to create what you want.

Typical Uses

  • removing flaking metal off railings (stripping)
  • polishing stones for crafters
  • cutting off rusty old bolts
  • making notches in wood
  • cutting through nails
  • shaping and modifying small wood sculptures
  • grinding and polishing metals
  • jewelry making
  • cutting drywall
  • cutting ceramic tiles
  • cutting ABS pipe
  • numerous house repair tasks
  • cleaning off corrosion on battery terminals
  • drilling holes in copper, silver and aluminum

Cuts Through Many Materials

As a cutting tool, the Dremel 4000 can cut just about any material. When used with the appropriate cutting accessory, you can cut through not just wood and metal, but other materials such as marble, concrete, porcelain, ceramic tile, tile grout, drywall, hard epoxy, and more.

Like the 3000, the Dremel 4000 is a corded portable rotary tool that operates on 120 V. It’s available in a couple of different kits that offer an easy way to deploy this tool’s remarkable flexibility – thanks to the various attachments and accessories available.

The built-in high-performance motor provides 5000 to 35,000 RPM. But it also offers electronic feedback circuitry to help provide consistent performance – even during demanding tasks.

Built For A Comfortable Grip

Like the other Dremel models, this one features an ergonomic body with a comfortable 360° grip zone. It features a separate on-off switch and a speed dial to adjust the number of revolutions to the job at hand. It comes with a manual and we highly recommend reading thoroughly before using the tool. You’ll find all the appropriate speed settings inside.

This tool can do a lot of different things. That’s what makes it perfect for anyone involved in do-it-yourself maintenance and repair work around the home. It’s also a fabulous tool for anyone who’s into making crafts, like handmade jewelry or miniature dollhouses.

The most popular Dremel 4000 kit includes 34 different accessories for grinding, carving, sanding, drilling, shaping, polishing, and so forth. It also includes attachments such as a sanding/grinding guide, detailer’s grip, circle cutter/straight edge guide, and a multipurpose cutting guide – all designed to make your life easier and give you superior results.

Heavy Duty – Without The Added Cost You Might Expect

The 4000 is capable of heavy-duty material removal as well as light de-burring so you can polish your work to a fine finish on various woods, metals, and even other materials such as plexiglass.

You can restore old furniture by using your Dremel to sand in tight areas you couldn’t sand before – other than be doing it entirely by hand. You can fix appliances by removing rust and you can bring tarnished metals back with the grinding or polishing accessory. And you can cut and drill material such as small stones, sea glass, ceramics, and even porcelain. The trick is to use the right speed and the right bit and accessory for the job.

What separates the Dremel 4000 apart from Dremel 3000 is the 1.6 Amp electronic feedback motor. On the Dremel 3000, it’s a 1.2 Amp motor. So if you want the extra power – the 4000 is the way to go.

What’s In The Box? (Dremel 4000-4/34) (Affiliate link)

  • Dremel 4000 multipurpose rotary tool
  • Multipurpose cutting guide
  • Sanding grinding guide
  • Circle cutter/straight edge cutter
  • Detailers grip
  • 34 Additional accessories
  • Owners manual

Note: The number of attachments and accessories is indicated by the numbers that follow the model number. Hence the Dreme l4000-4/34 offers 4 attachments and 34 additional accessories.

Many buyers of the Dremel 4000 are longtime customers who had older units that they’ve used reliably for years – until their older models finally needed to be replaced.

Preparation Yields Best Results

Don’t force it or try to hurry your results. Take your time and do things the right way. When working with smooth materials such as small stones or sea glass in jewelry making, it’s a good idea to start by creating a small dimple in the material first. This serves as a center for the drill bit. 

This Dremel can handle some of the tougher, more tedious renovation jobs. It works well to remove the grout between ceramic floor or wall tiles. But be prepared to pick up additional diamond bits if you’re doing a large area. You might also find it helpful to remove the grout in layers. This makes it easier on the drill bit as well as the machine itself.

Put It To The Test

There have been reports of some units not powering on as they should. Our guess is that the occasional faulty product clears quality control and ships out – just as it does in many industries. That’s why the best thing to do is check your unit thoroughly when it arrives. Don’t leave it in the box until you think you need it. Fire it up and test it out. 

Read the manual then plug in the tool. Let it run for a few minutes. It’s helpful to turn the unit on and let it run without actually doing anything for a few minutes. This helps break-in the brushes and will provide you with more consistent and reliable performance over the long haul. Next, power it down and unplug. Insert one of the bits you can use today and put it to the test. If you have any problem whatsoever – call Dremel’s customer support line immediately. They’re quick to respond and helpful too.

As with any power tool, it’s important to let the tool do the work. If you try to apply force or pressure, you are placing an additional demand – not just on the motor – but the cutting bit too.

Lots Of Ways To Use This

Customers use their Dremel 4000 in a variety of ways. But one of the most popular accessories is the flex shaft. It makes it easy to use various accessories since you have better control. A flex shaft is an excellent accessory for trimming dogs’ nails. It functions like a pen in your hand and is much easier to control and is quieter than having the machine next to their paws. The drum sander accessory can be useful for shaping and carving notches wood, plastics and metal. And the small wire brush accessory is great for grinding stones or sharpening a cutting bit.

What’s great about the Dremel 4000 is it tends to be more durable and rugged and can withstand the abuse that it may take in a commercial shop -where multiple users have access to the device.

Some buyers report using this tool on an almost daily basis. And in most cases – it served them well for a long period of time. Dremel has earned a reputation over the long haul for its versatility and functionality. Thousands of buyers report having successfully cut, profiled, burnished, polished, drilled, sharpened – and virtually every other task too.

A Better Carrying Case

You don’t hear a lot about the caring cases. but it’s important to discuss when talking about the Dremel 4000. That’s because the supplied case houses not just the tool itself, but a wide variety of extra accessories too. That means everything is in one box – which makes it great for the professional service person to take from job site to job site.

  1. Pros

    • stronger more powerful motor (more torque available)
    • large number of accessories available
    • manual is easy to read and understand
    • offers more bang for the buck
    • compact and well packaged easy to bring out for any quick repair job
    • easy to work with while holding it in a variety of positions
    • faster, stronger and more capable
    • able to do detailed work well
    • it’s the Swiss Army knife of power tools


    • Some buyers report having problems with the collet (some have been jammed out of place)
    • can be a little awkward and heavy for small folks
    • since it’s small and compact the air vents are also small (so it’s easy to block them during use)
    • if used improperly, the collet for tightening bits can become loose
    • Not battery-operated so you need to be near an outlet, or use an extension cord
    • not powerful enough to replace other tools such as a power drill

The Verdict

The Dremel 4000 is the top-performing and most versatile of this brand’s rotary tools. If you’re looking for power and versatility – this is the one to get. With all the various bits and accessories available, you’ll have endless choices and opportunities.

It’s stronger, faster, and more capable than other models. If you do a lot of work around the house, farm, or cottage – or have specific hobbies such as making jewelry or other crafts – this could be an ideal tool for you. This is a general-purpose tool. The key is to understand its design and intended functionality. It is not designed to replace large power tools such as drills, power saws, and angle grinders. But for what it is capable of doing – it is irreplaceable.

Chances are you’ll find it solving problems and tackling difficult jobs you never even anticipated. And this is what makes the Dremel 4000 a valuable addition to any toolkit.

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