The Dremel 3000 is a multi purpose tool rotary tool that fits many needs. Read our review to find out why it should be in every homeowners arsenal.

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Convenience, power, and remarkable versatility – these are some of the traits this brand is known for and the Dremel 3000 (affiliate link) model is no exception. Its variable speed rotary tool is one of the most popular models of rotary tools on the market.

For many, this tool is simply referred to as a “Dremel” – the same way a circular saw is often called a “Skil saw”. After all, this versatile invention is what put the Dremel Corporation on the map many decades ago. Since then this brand has dominated the marketplace, despite the appearance of multiple, no-name knock-offs as well as brand name competitors.

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Every Home Needs One

For home repairs and renovations, garage fix-its, and craft projects too – there’s one tool no home – or homeowner – should be without. And that’s a quality multipurpose tool – like the Dremel 3000. It does so many things – albeit on a smaller scale – that it belongs in toolboxes everywhere. They’re ideal for those small jobs where you need a grinder, router, polisher, engraver, sander, metal cutter, woodcarver – and more.

At one time – the choices were limited and therefore the decision was much easier. Nowadays, there are many different manufacturers producing some sort of compact rotary tool. So for some consumers, it can get confusing. Just keep in mind that Dremel is largely responsible for the popularity of these versatile accessory-loaded tools.

Common Uses Of The Dremel 3000 Include:

  • Polishing silver pieces like trays and candlesticks
  • Cutting and grinding metal
  • Cutting dado joints in hardwood such as cherry or walnut
  • Cut through 1/8 inch stick hardened steel
  • Cut off seized bolts
  • Cleans up welding joints
  • Cutting Plexi-glass
  • Carving wood
  • Repairing small items like shoes and wrist-watches
  • Making things such as jewelry and other crafts 
  • Cleaning tools, gear and guns
  • Sharpening lawnmower blades
  • Fixing door catches and hinges that are not operating as smoothly as they could
  • Cutting ceramic tile
  • Removing old grout between tiles

Highly Rated

In the case of the Dremel 3000, actual users give this tool impeccible reviews. Receiving such postive reviews indicates a solid product that certainly satisfies the overwhelming majority of those who’ve purchased.

That’s a good indication going in. But let’s dig deeper into the Dremel 3000 to discover what it’s actually like to own of these babies.

The first thing to note is that the 3000 is a corded power tool. That means it’s not a battery-operated unit where you need to monitor the charge held by the battery. The problem with most of those battery-operated units is that the battery dies long before the job is complete. So having a corded unit is a definite plus in our view.

Engineered For Function – Designed For Comfort

Dremel provides a sealed ball-bearing motor that runs cooler longer. This provides better comfort and a more durable tool. You can periodically replace the motor brushes and extend the life of your Dremel 3000 further. Speeds vary anywhere from 5000 to 35,000 RPMs. And you have control over the speed so you can adjust for various operations to get optimum results.

It comes equipped with an easy twist nose and collet lock to quickly and efficiently change the tool to match the task at hand.

For a more in-depth look at the Dremel 3000, take a look at the users manual.

Makes It Easy To Do Lots Of Things

The most popular option is to pick up the Dremel 3000 tool along with a kit of either 25 or 28 different accessories. This gives you a wide range of flexibility so you can perform repair and maintenance work around the house, cottage, motorhome, garage, shop, etc. 

Another popular option is to purchase the rotary tool with the available flexible shaft. Lots of buyers enjoy the added convenience and versatility of the flex shaft. By the way, the flexible shaft will work with virtually any of the tools and bits supplied by Dremel. The one exception is router bits. For safety, you should never use the flexible shaft with any router bit.

Comfortable Over The Long Haul

The design of the Dremel has improved over the years. It now features a slim, ergonomic design to its body. This makes it more comfortable to grip and hold over longer periods of time. When we put this model to the test, we were able to run it continuously for a good 30 minutes uninterrupted without any discomfort and it remained relatively cool.

Like most things these days, the Dremel 3000 comes complete with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It also now includes improved venting. This redesign enables the 3000 to run cooler and remain in your hand until the job is complete.

Fits The Standard

Supplied with the standard three-prong plug, the Dremel runs when plugged into any 120 V circuit. Actual customer uses vary dramatically but one of the most popular uses is trimming the dog’s nails. It is recommended that you use a lower setting – this keeps the unit cooler and less noisy. Take your time you tend to get better results with smooth tips instead of the jagged edges often caused by standard clippers.

Comes With A Practical Carrying Case

The Dremel 3000 ships with a sturdy carrying case that has pre-formed storage locations for most accessories. It also ships with a clearly written, printed instruction manual – something that has become increasingly rare from manufacturers of all types. We strongly urge you to read the manual before operating the tool and you shouldn’t run into any problems whatsoever.

It is recommended that you check the brushes on the motor every 20 to 30 hours of actual use. It’s not easy to keep track of those hours though so it’s a good idea to keep a small notebook handy to record your “Dremel” time.

A Variety of Bits

One of the features that are most impressive about the Dremel 3000 is the variety of projects it can tackle. Chances are, you’ll find yourself using it more and more. If you pick up a version of the 3000 with one of the accessory kits, you’ll have a wide array of ways to use your new Dremel. It’s like a sampler pack – so you can dabble in a variety of applications. Then when it’s time to replace the bits, pick up extras of the ones you use most.

Quality Built In

I think it’s fair to say that Dremel sets the standard to which all other rotary tools in the market should be compared. Cheap knockoffs are everywhere. But if you want a fairly rugged tool for most household jobs, it’s a good idea to go with a quality brand like this. It’s both affordable and capable. And the 3000 seems to live up to the Dremel reputation.

Variable Speed Makes It More Practical

The motor has adequate power and 10 different speed settings. And the diverse range of capability makes this one heck of a versatile tool. It’s something that can be used in smaller spaces where larger tools might not fit. 

And despite its power and functionality, even novices can use the Dremel successfully. That’s because it’s lightweight and easy to hold. It’s easy to change the tips to suit whatever you need to do. It should fit virtually any hand size and be comfortable to hold. Some of the larger models are maybe a little too big and difficult to hold for those with smaller hands.

You can cut through metal with this thing – even rusted old bolts that are sticking and cannot be loosened any other way. If you’re planning to cut a lot of metal, you’ll probably want to pick up some extra reinforced cutting wheels.

Another popular use is to cut thick plastic. But you need to be careful that the rotating tool does not heat up the plastic too rapidly – causing it to melt and clogging the wheel or the tool’s chuck.

Often Used To Replace An Older One

Many buyers of the 3000 are long-term Dremel customers. This company’s been around for a number of decades and many people who purchase this one are simply replacing an older model that served them well for years.

One of the differences observed with the Dremel 3000 is that it seems to have a more powerful motor. This makes it slightly heavier than some other models. But it seems to vibrate less and is a little quieter than the older rotary tools.

Know It’s Limitations

The Dremel 3000 won’t replace a larger tool like an electric drill or angle grinder. But it can certainly take on numerous jobs even larger projects – with the right approach.

Having one of these workhorses in your tool chest is like having a Swiss Army knife when you’re out camping in the woods. It’s a multipurpose tool that can be extremely handy in so many different situations. You just never know when you going to need to call on your Dremel. That’s when you’ll be happy that you have the 3000 model to rely on.

It’s easy to use and then when you’re done you simply roll up the cord and put the tool back in the case – along with the accessories. Everything is neatly and conveniently in its place and out-of-the-way.

The Verdict

Experienced do-it-yourselfers (and some small shop owners too) overwhelmingly appreciate the Dremel 3000 and what it can do. It’s a compact tool that tends to add a new dimension of possibility to any shop. This model is a good option as your first rotary tool and we recommend you get it with a wide selection of bits so you can use it in various ways.

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