If you are an entry-level welder, finding the right machine to fit your needs can be daunting. That is why we have narrowed down the Top 5 Light Duty MIG Welders, suitable for hobbyists, fabricators, and DIYers.


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So you are looking for a good welder to use for common DIY welding.  Well, you have come to the right place. Maybe you are an inspiring artist.  Or perhaps you are a farmer that needs a way to make repairs around your farm.  Well MIG Welding might be for you.

MIG or Metal Inert Gas Welding is one of the most popular welding processes.  That’s because it is easy to learn and requires very little metal prep work to obtain a quality weld.  MIG Welding also has the capability to weld with, or without shielding gas. So for people that are looking to weld both inside and outside, this is a suitable option.  

Also, MIG welders are capable of welding aluminum.  Of course, it does require a different shielding gas and a different welding torch, known as a spool gun.  You won’t be able to produce the most attractive aluminum welds, but for someone that just needs a quality weld, a MIG spool gun will do the trick.  

Naturally, quality welds can only be produced with a quality welder.  Knowing which welder to choose can be difficult. We have narrowed our selection down to the Top 5 of the Light Duty MIG Welders available.  

Our Top Pick: Everlast PowerMIG 140E (Affiliate Link)


For more options check out the table of contents, otherwise, let’s take a look at our top pick.


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(Affiliate Link) Everlast PowerMIG 140E 

 The Everlast PowerMIG 140E is a 120-volt powerhouse that will exceed all of your expectations.  

Unlike the other welders on this list, this welder uses a unique inverter design to pump out higher amps with a higher duty cycle.  This means you can weld thicker material for a longer time.  

Most welders on the market, including the others on this list, are a transformer design.  While these welders are capable of producing quality welds, it is common to see a duty cycle of 20% at 90 amps.  And that percentage drops the higher the amps that you weld at.  

But with the Everlast PowerMIG, the inverter design allows for a 25% duty cycle at its maximum amperage of 140 amps.

The PowerMIG 140E is capable of welding 24 gauge to 3/16 inch material.  With the addition of a spool gun, you will also be able to weld aluminum at the same thicknesses.  Also, the PowerMIG 140E supports wire sizes of .023-.035 in both 4 and 8-inch spools.  

What do people like about the Everlast PowerMIG 140E?

In general, purchasers of the Everlast PowerMIG 140E gave rave reviews.  Many noted how nice of a weld they could produce with such an inexpensive welder.  

Others also liked the almost 10-foot long cable for the welding torch.  However, they did note that the shorter ground cable, around 5 feet long,  was a bit of a hassle. Many even stated they made their own longer ground cable to fix this.  

And finally, people that purchased this welder stated how the size was a huge selling point.  At only 25 pounds and a footprint of 18x9x15 inches, you can take this welder to your working area and not break your back doing it! 

Product Specifications                                                       

  • 120-volt input
  • 140 amps output 
  • 10ft torch cable / 5 ft ground cable
  • 5-year warranty
  • 25 pounds
  • 25% duty cycle @ 140 amps

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Check out how our Top Pick compares to the Competition

The Best Light Duty MIG Welders

Input Voltage110/120 Volts115 Volts120 Volts120 Volt 120 Volt
Output Amp Range25 Amps-140 Amps25 Amps - 140 Amps30 Amps - 140 Amps32 Amps - 140 Amps25 Amps - 135 Amps
Duty Cycle25% @ 140 Amps
60% @ 90 Amps
100% @ 70 Amps
20% @ 90 Amps20% @ 90 Amps30% Duty Cycle20% Duty Cycle
Wire size.023”-.030”0.023–0.035.025 -.045.030 - .035
Flux Core Only
.023 - .035
Weld Thickness24 ga - 3/16 in24-ga.–1/4 in. 24 ga - 3/16 in24 ga - 1/4 in24 ga - 3/16 in
Cable lengths10 FT Torch Cable
5 FT Ground Cable
10 Ft Torch and Ground Cable10 Ft Torch and Ground Cable8 FT Torch and Ground Cable8 FT Torch and Ground Cable
Dimensions 25 LBS
18 x 9 x 15 inches
65 LBS
19 x 11 x 13
50 LBS
13.7 x 10.15 x 17.9
19 LBS
16.7 x 12 x 8.1
56 LBS
16.1 x 9.5 x 14.5
Warranty5 years5 years2 year1 year3 year
More info Check priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price


Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder (Affiliate Link)

Hobart’s most popular welder, the Handler 140 is extremely versatile. Being capable of welding everything from automotive to farm repairs to metal art and tons in between, this welder will not disappoint. 

Operating off of a standard 115-volt household current, the Handler 140 can weld 24 gauge up to ¼ inch metal.  With a 5 position voltage selector, you can confidently set this welder to avoid burn throughs. 

Capable of using either flux core wire or steel wire with a shielding gas the Hobart 140 is an excellent choice for people that find themselves welding in the elements often.  And with the option to run a spool gun, you can weld on even more materials than your standard MiG welder.  

What do people like about the Hobart Handler 140?

Several Purchasers of the Handler 140 commented on how solidly built this welder is.  The case is made from thicker steel than most welders in this price range. And with an all-metal wire feed system, people claimed to have fewer issues than welders that use nylon rollers and tensioners. 

Another feature that people like with the Handler 140 is the 10’ torch and ground cable.  The extra length is nice to help keep the welder away from your working area.

Product Specifications

  • 10’ torch and ground cable
  • Gas or gasless setup
  • 65 lbs, 19 x 11 x 13 inches
  • 115v input
  • 140 amp output
  • 5-year warranty
  • 20% duty cycle @ 90 amps

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Lincoln Easy Mig 140 (Affiliate Link)

When it comes to welding, Lincoln Electric is right up there with the big-name brands.  It is a great welder for beginners and hobbyists, price is right and the ease of setup bar-none.   

Using a standard 120 Volt outlet, the Easy Mig 140 is capable of welding 24 gauge to 3/16 inch material.  With the addition of a spool gun, you will be able to weld 22-10 gauge aluminum as well. And much like other welders on this list, it is flux core compatible as well.

An upgraded feature of the Easy Mig 140 is the aluminum wire drive system.  Unlike it’s older versions, that were made from plastic material, this new system will function flawlessly.  This upgrade also allows for wire sizes from.025-.045 with the choice of 2 – 10lb wire spools.  

What do people like about the Lincoln Easy Mig 140?

Quite simply, the first thing people mention about this welder is how easy it is to set up.  All cable connections are tool-free, as well as the wire drive system. To switch polarity for flux core or solid core wire, you guessed it, TOOL- FREE!

People also like how it performs.  For a hobby priced welder that puts out professional results, people are ecstatic about this welder. 

Product Specifications

  • 10 ft cable leads
  • 120-volt input
  • 140 amp output
  • 50 Lbs, 13.7 x 10.15 x 17.9 in.  
  • 2-year warranty
  • Gas or Gasless setup, Spool Gun ready
  • 20% duty cycle @ 90 amps

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Forney Easy Weld
 (Affiliate Link)

A suitable welder for hobbyists, farmers, and entry-level welders the Forney Easy Weld 261 is a welder that leaves little to be desired.   With a powerful 140 amp output, you will be capable of welding mild steel up to ¼ inch. And the 120-volt input allows this welder to be used in most shops without having to have a large electrical service.  

Using either .030 or .035 flux core wire simplifies this setup by not requiring a shielding gas.  The Forney 261 allows for either 2 or 10-pound rolls of wire.  

Another feature of this welder that stands out is the 8-foot welding torch and ground clamp cable.  Having longer cables is convenient to be able to separate yourself from the welder, giving you maximum space when welding in tight areas.  

What do people like about the Forney Easy Weld 261?

The Forney Easy Weld 261 receives high reviews from users that have purchased this welder.  Many say that even though this is a cheaper priced welder, it far exceeded their expectations.  Even people that have been welding with expensive name-brand machines for years, say this welder is an excellent choice.  

What people really like about the Forney 261 is how easy it is to set up.  In approximately 5 minutes, you can have this welder unpackaged and laying your first bead.  Even though this is a flux core welder, users are still really impressed with the quality of weld they can produce.  

Other users like the portability this welder offers.  Being lightweight, only 19 lbs, people can take this welder to their job site, assuming they have the appropriate power source available.  

Product Specifications

  • 6’ power cord
  • 8’ Torch and Ground Cable
  • 19 lbs, 16.7 x 12 x 8.1 inches
  • Flux Core only
  • 12-month Warranty
  • 120 Volt input
  • 140 amp Output
  • 30% duty cycle @ 90 amps

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Eastwood MIG 135 (Affiliate Link)

If you are just starting out welding, or consider yourself a hobbyist and are looking for that perfect welder, then the Eastwood MIG 135 should be on your radar.  Don’t feel like you have to spend tons of money on “Big Name” welders to get quality welds.  

The Eastwood MIG 135 is capable of welding 24 gauge to 3/16 gauge steel with solid core wire.  And with a flux core, you will be able to weld as thick as ¼ inch steel. All while operating on a standard 120-volt household service. 

Also, with a compatible spool gun and argon shielding gas, you will be able to weld aluminum efficiently.  

What do people like about the Eastwood MIG 135?

Well to start, there’s the price.  For a fraction of the cost of a “Name Brand” MIG welder, you can accomplish much of the same task. Through minimal practice, you will be able to weld quality welds, no matter what your experience level is.     

Product Specifications

  • 120-volt input
  • 135 amp output
  • 8 ft cable leads
  • 3-year warranty 
  • Flux or solid core wire, spool gun compatible 
  • 20% duty cycle @ 90 amps

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