Oscillating Multi-tools are becoming more widely used in a variety of trades. Read more to find out what our top picks are for light, medium, and heavy duty applications.

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If your like me, and you enjoy doing DIY projects, then you probably have a decent tool collection.  However, similar to myself, you might not have the perfect tool for every job. You can make what you have work, but it might not be the easiest or best solution to your problem.  

I used to run into this all the time.  That is until I bought my first oscillating multi-tool. 

Oscillating multi-tools can be used in multiple situations, hence the name.  With a simple change of attachment, you can go from cutting, sanding, buffing, or scraping.  So if your installing wall tiles or flooring, doing finish woodworking, or any other wood project, you can bet you’ll be looking for an oscillating multi-tool before your finished.

That’s why we assembled this list of the Best Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tools. We used multiple factors when building this list including battery size, adjustable speed, warranty, and user reviews.  

If you are looking for a certain multi-tool, jump ahead with the Table of Contents below.  Otherwise let’s get started with my Oscillating Multi-Tool of choice: The Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool. 



The Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool (2626-20) (Affiliate Link)

With the Milwaukee Multi-Tool, you can complete any project with ease and precision.  Not only does Milwaukee offer numerous attachments and blades, but this multi-tool allows for attachments for competing brands as well.  And with the tool-free blade change system, switching attachments is hassle-free.  

The Milwaukee Multi-Tool offers an adjustable 12 speed setting for 11,000-18,000 opms.  Allowing the user to perform the most delicate cuts to heavy-duty sanding tasks. And a LED light placed at the head of the tool shines a light on your work from any angle.

The durability and handling of the Milwaukee Multi-tool are bar-none.  An all-metal gear case helps protect the tool from common job-site impacts.  While a rubber molded handle allows the user to keep a firm grip while operating the tool.  

Like many other tools Milwaukee offers, The Milwaukee Multi-tool features REDLITHIUM Batteries.  With this, you can expect longer battery life than others on the market. Also, the M18 battery line will work with all of the other M18 tools.  So if you already have Milwaukee tools, you won’t have to worry about another charger and batteries, because you already have them.  

The Milwaukee Multi-Tool also comes with the standard 5-year tool, 3-year battery warranty.  

Overall users of this oscillating multi-tool are pleased with their purchase, stating that it exceeded their expectations and is an absolute must-have tool.  However, an upgrade to a brushless motor, and easier tool change system would put the Milwaukee Multi-Tool above the competition.  

My impression of the Milwaukee Oscillating Multi-Tool

As far as my experience with this Oscillating tool, I have been impressed.  I ultimately bought this because of the Milwaukee tools that I already had.  Purchasing another charger and batteries wouldn’t be needed as the Milwaukee batteries work on all their tools.  

I used it to cut out a sinkhole in a laminated countertop.  And other than it taking a little longer than using a jigsaw, I felt I had more control and was able to make a cleaner cut.  


  • Milwaukee Compatible Battery
  • LED Light
  • Tool-Free Blade Change
  • 5-year Warranty


  • Needs Updating


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DEWALT DCS355B Oscillating Multi-Tool (Affiliate Link)

Up next we have the Dewalt DCS355B Oscillating Multi-Tool.  Considered to be a professional-grade tool, the Dewalt Multi-Tool has a powerful brushless motor.   This allows for up to 57% more run time over the brushes competition.  

A Quick-change attachment set-up allows for simple and easy blade changes.  While a universal adaptor allows for accessories from other brands to be used on the Dewalt Multi-tool.  

The Dewalt Multi-Tool has a variable speed trigger that allows you to work from 0-20,000 OPMs.  Giving you precision control, while an LED light illuminates your work. Many users state that this is a handy feature, allowing them to start a cut slow and increase as needed with only a squeeze of the trigger.  

Dewalt also has a tool guide system to allow for accurate depth and length for repeated cuts.  

This oscillating tool also comes with Dewalt’s standard 3-year limited warranty.  And uses the 20v Max Batteries. 

Users tend to be happy with this oscillating multi-tool, stating that the power of the tool far exceeds that of its competitors.  However many users found the quick-change lever to be bulky and inhibited the reach of the Dewalt, versus some of the other options.  The noise level of the tool was also a complaint of many users.  


  • Brushless Motor
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Quick-release tool change


  • Loud
  • Bulky quick- change lever

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PORTER CABLE PCC710B Oscillating Tool (Affiliate Link)

Comparable to both the Dewalt and Milwaukee Oscillating Tools, the Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-tool has the best features of both.   

As part of the 20v Max system lineup, the Porter Cable offers a brushless motor.  And with a simple turn of the variable speed dial, you can make precision cuts from 8,000-18,000 OPMs.  

A unique feature of the Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool is the 3 position overmold grip, increasing comfort and reducing vibration.  This, along with the bright LED work light, provides for maximum control in darkened work conditions.  

The Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool is equipped with a blade change similar to the Dewalt.  Coined the 2 Finger Tool-Free System, you will be able to adjust and change accessories quickly and easily.  

A limited 3-year warranty is also included with the Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool.  

Users are generally happy with the Porter Cable.  However, many have noted that while this multi-tool is powerful, it is a light-duty tool.  As long as it is used in short spurts and allowed to cool down, it works great. But if a commercial-grade tool is needed, the Porter Cable Oscillating Multi-Tool is probably not the tool to use.  


  • Tool-Free quick change system
  • 3-year Warranty


  • Light-duty capable only

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Bosch GOP18V-28N Multi-Tool (Affiliate Link)

Raising the standard for professional oscillating tools is the Bosch GOP18V-28N Oscillating Multi-tool.  Featuring a brushless motor for better power and longer runtimes, the Bosch Oscillating Multi-tool is the perfect tool for anyone that tackles multiple types of jobs.  

With a variable speed dial, you can control the speed from 8,000-20,000 OPMs, allowing you to take on the most precision cuts, to heavy-duty applications.  And with Bosch’s Constant Response circuitry maintenance, you won’t have to worry about the tool bogging down when under intense load.  

The Bosch Oscillating Multi-Tool features the new Starlock 3-D tool accessory system.  With this accessory interface, the blades will have more contact area. This means a better grip and torque transfer, resulting in better cutting, grinding, scraping and sanding.  And with the snap-in, toolless blade change system, you can change out accessories with the simple press of the release lever. 

One area that the Bosch Oscillating tool lacks in the warranty department.  A 1-year limited warranty is all that is offered from the manufacturer. 

Many of the users that have reviewed the Bosch Oscillating Multi-tool are impressed with tools performance.  Only the occasional user had issues with their tool, with most being upset by how loud the tool is.  


  • Brushless Motor
  • Snap-In Tool-less Blade Changes
  • Larger blade contact area


  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Only works with Starlock and Starlock Plus Accesories

Check it out on Amazon!



Makita XMT03Z Oscillating Multi-Tool (Affiliate Link)

As part of Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium-Ion System, the XMT03Z delivers corded speed and power without the hassle of the cord.  To help improve tool performance and extended battery life, Makita included their Star Protection Technology with this oscillation multi-tool.  This allows the tool and battery to exchange real-time data and protect from overloading, over-discharging and overheating.  

The Makita Oscillating Multi-tool features a variable speed dial that operates from 6,000-20,000 OPMs.  A soft-start feature is also included, allowing the user to match the speed of the tool to the application.  This allows for more control and less chance of marring a surrounding surface. 

Similar to the Milwaukee Oscillating Multi-tool above, the Tool-free release lever allows for quick blade changes and adjustments.  And with the use of the adaptors, blades from virtually any manufacturer can be used.  

The Makita Oscillating Multi-tool also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.  


  • Tool-Free Blade Change
  • Soft Start Feature


  • Needs Updating
  • No LED Light

Check it out on Amazon!



Final Thoughts

Trades of all kinds are turning to oscillating multi-tools for a range of applications.  I myself have found a wide variety of uses for one. And with the multiple accessories available for these tools, the possibilities seem endless.  

Included in this list are the Milwaukee M18 (2626-20), Dewalt DCS355B, PORTER CABLE PCC710B, Bosch GOP18V-28N, and the Makita XMT03Z.  (Affiliate Links)

Anyone that is looking for an oscillating tool for occasional, light-duty use, The Porter Cable is our suggestion to you.  This tool has great reviews but the overall consensus is that the power just isn’t there for heavier tasks.  

If you are looking for a medium-duty tool then we would suggest the Milwaukee or the Makita.  Both have very similar features and have plenty of power to handle the tougher tasks. It is debatable though how the brushed motors would hold up to continuous use.  

And the if your after a professional-grade tool that is going to be seeing a lot of action, check out the Dewalt or Bosch Models.  With the Brushless motors and Lithium-Ion batteries, both of these multi-tools have plenty of power to handle any task you have.

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